Wife put magazine in backwards of AR15... sooo somehow my wife got the metal magazine in backwards with my AR. Removed it. Should I worry?



As long as the mag catch wasn't damaged, and the notch on the mag itself wasn't damaged and the feed lips weren't crushed or pinched you should be alright


If you only own one magazine for your AR, you are woefully unprepared. Check the mag she jammed into the magazine well for obvious signs of crushed feed lips or mangled latch hole. If its shot to hell, don't even try to resurrect it. Have you priced AR platform magazines lately? You can buy a ten pack for less than a hundred bucks.


Yes your wife may accidentally point the gun at herself instead of at the Target!


I would think it is OK. Load another mag and shoot it and see if it has any problems loading into the gun or feeding cartridges or releasing the mag. I really think you are OK. Just me.


Worried? Yes. It takes a special kind of stupid to do this. She is kind of woman who will call you that the right front wheel fell off. After the cost of towing and big $$ repairing she will then 'inform you' how its been squeaking for the last 6 months. And when you ask 'why the heck didn't you say anything???' she will get mad because you are mad. This will be the same woman who tells you the oil light has been on the last few weeks. Or my favorite. She kept a 22 rifle next to the driver door for small game (we live in rural Alaska). Instead of kicking the snow off her shoes she would let it pile up on the floor, the heater would melt it. Instead of cleaning it out she put a towel over it to keep the cold from her feet. We need to drop her car off for service - her fully loaded Ruger 10/22 has the last 9" of barrel frozen to the floor of the car! Takes three days in a heated garage with the doors open to thaw the rifle enough so it can be removed. So happy I divorced that one. Yours sounds like another one worth divorcing.


tell your wife to stop playing with your guns, that way she won't accidentally shoot anyone


Worried? Nah. Be glad a woman that strong loves you. :-) Oh, and, uh, replace the magazine. ;-)