How would y'all feel if Rugby ditched the "traditional" numbers as well as started to add surnames?

I grew up playing in France so the most personalisation I ever had were hoodies with a nickname but I'm currently playing in the US and the team I recently joined allowed us to pick custom numbers and added surnames to our jerseys. Beforehand I didn't care but It seems pretty cool having something you "own" and I've met plenty of other players who feel the same. I'm not knocking the traditions of Rugby because they make the game great but I just want to hear opinions of others on the matter


So you could have number 87654 and the name "Donald Duck", on the shirts. No, no, no. Whats the problem of having numbers 1 to 15 and then the subs,16 to 23.


You can read a number from the back of a stadium. You can't read small letters ...


There's no room for players names,because of all the sponsorship names!