What do people eat at rugby games?

When you go to a baseball (or really any sport) game in America, there's always people selling hot dogs, nachos, and popcorn. Is that the same in England? What do you eat at a rugby or soccer game?

Blue nose

Depends what type of rugby but if it was league I'd say a pie and a cup of tea


Good food


meat pies and beer mainly.


I don't know why people can't survive an hour and a half without stuffing a burger down their face.

Tim D

At Twickenham there are stalls selling all kinds from pasties to pulled pork (recent import from the US), but the main thing consumed is beer and then some more beer. Apart from the stalls in the ground there are numerous front garden stalls set up to snare the fans trudging from the railway station including some South African delicacy that seems popular involving scorched meat of some kind and Cumberland sausages so hot that they scorch your hands through the bun. Then there is the corporate dining, never experienced it but if it anything like Lords then it is quality restaurant stuff. But the fact is that rugby only lasts a couple of hours, even the hungriest person can last that long.


At soccer games meat pies are traditional. At rugby games they have champagne and barbecues in the car park.


Meat Pies and Sandwiches.

Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!

Whatever's on offer. At Wolfpack games I'll hit the beer garden at the end of the ground for some liquid courage.


Beef tea and meat pies provide the traditional accompaniment to football in England.


Each other's gashes.


I give up. Why do people eat at rugby games ?


What about the super bowl with the hotdogs going around. Football games where there’s always a chip van