How can I relieve runners knee FAST?


Adam D

Runner's knee is not a medical diagnosis, it is a catchall term for knee pain experienced by someone who runs - this could be a wide variety of things, which have different remedies. If you're experiencing chronic knee pain, see a doctor, get medical treatment.


It really depends on WHY your knee hurts. You can look up treatments for runner's knee online (the below article gives you some things to try) but bottom line is if it's bothering you a lot, you need to see a doctor to determine what's causing the pain. There are various structures in the knee that could be damaged, and treatment for them varies. It could also be an issue with your hip or ankles that's causing pain in your knee because the body is trying to compensate for a weakness somewhere else. Until you know why you have knee pain, all you can do is try to bandaid it, and that puts you at risk for whatever the root cause is to become more serious and need more extensive treatment. I've dealt with knee injury (and surgery) and it's a drag. Nip it in the bud, if you can!