How do you build up the stamina for running?



I do it by using run/walk intervals and gradually increasing the duration of my workouts, while increasing my run interval and decreasing my walk interval weekly. The Couch to 5K group in my area uses a program with a beginner interval of 30 seconds running, 3 mins walking. That changes weekly, with the walk interval decreasing initially.


Run slowly or jog. Include a long run/jog one time a week, or one time every two weeks. Gradually increase the distance of the long run. It will help to also follow increases of the long run distance with increases in the shorter distances. For safety, one you are doing more than 20 miles a week, apply Higdon's rule: Find the total weekly mileage for each of the 3 previous weeks. Pick the largest. Multiply that by 1.1. The result is the maximum number of miles you should do this week.


by running often and slowly increasing your goal little by little


I am a big proponent of the Couch To 5K running program (C25K). It's a walk to run program and its one of the best. It's a type of interval training. The C25K program slowly increases your effort over 9 weeks. It requires 30 minutes three times a week. At the end of nine weeks, you should be able to run for 30 minutes and/or 3 miles. I did it and I really liked the fact that I could see each week I was making progress and I never really felt like it was too hard. One tip I can pass on. On the run intervals, run as slow as possible, and on the walk intervals, walk as fast as possible. Here is the description If you have a smartphone, you can use your favorite running app. My favorite is RunKeeper. (MapMyRun is also very good). Most of the running apps have a way to create interval training programs. Also, there are many C25k apps with all the programming built in. Many of them are free. Most of them let you listen to your own music in the background. You can find them in the iTunes store or the Android store. If you don’t have a smartphone but have an MP3 player, you can download a podcast that announces the intervals. Use this link to view a good list of the C25K podcasts available or go to the iTunes Music store and search for “c25k”. There is even a good variety of music to listen to. If you don’t want to bother with podcasts and Mp3 players then you’ll need a sports watch with an interval timer. You might already have one. You might check your watch’s manual. If you need to buy one, the Casio W756-1A is only about $20. After you are done with the couch to 5k, if you like interval training, you can do some more. There is one for an 8K, one for a 10K, and my favorite is the One Hour Runner program.


Keep on running from 1Km to 3Km to 5Km..

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