How long after being sick can I go running?

I started to feel somewhat better today, so I went for a run. For some reason, it drove my sinuses crazy.


Depends on what kind of 'sick'. Cold, flu, stomach issue? Basically as long as you aren't running a fever or vomiting, you should be okay. If it was just a cold, then when you feel well enough to go and won't cough your head off (and aren't still contagious) then you're fine. Just be careful that you don't overdo it, since your immune system is not back up to full strength, you could be at risk for a relapse.

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it's only a cold.


"Somewhat better" is not good enough for a vigorous exercise like running.


When you feel that you're well enough to go running. Don't push it, you might relapse and make your condition worse.


I would give it a few days. You don’t want to over do it and get more sick.

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i would ask your doctor this question