I have a few questions about running routines and such as a new runner and smoker.?

So I just started running after about 5 years of smoking. I'm male 22 around 6'3 and about 165lbs (75 kilo). I have been pretty consistently running 2.5km (1.5 miles) in 14-15 mins. Is this a good start? Should I be focusing more on distance or speed if I'm just aiming on general health and stamina? Ive heard what I should be worried about is my heart but that shouldnt really be an issue considering my age right?


So you're running around a 10 min mile. That's fine for general fitness. You said you're just aiming for general health and stamina, so no need to worry about increasing speed (that will come naturally over time, to some extent). For stamina you want to increase your distance or duration of running, but not by too much at one time. Gradually increase it. If you find it's fairly easy to run 1.5 miles, go up to 1.75 or 2 miles every other run or once a week (depending on how often you run on average). When you find that distance is fairly easy and not causing you to feel too taxed, increase it a bit more (say by no more than 10% a week). Also make sure you're fueling your body properly as your runs increase over time. You want to have energy for your runs.