What do I do?

I’m Alexa, I run track. I run the 1000 meters with my best friend Taylor. Lately... I’ve been beating her a lot but she’s been getting really close to my times. Every time I beat her she gets upset and is MEAN to me. We were running together yesterday and she started crying and we talked about it. I know it sounds terrible. But I need to beat her next meet because it is the last and most important meet. I’m really scared I won’t be able to do it because she’s getting close! I know if I do win she will be very mad at me and take it out on me but I don’t care at this point. Does anyone was any advice or strategies I could use while I’m running to make me go faster?


Talk to your coach about drills and exercises to help improve your speed. That's what they are there for. The rest of your story was unnecessary.


If you don't care if she's "very mad at you" and will "take it out" on you, do your best. If you do care if she's "very mad at you" and will "take it out" on you, don't do your best. Doesn't seem terribly complicated to me. How to run faster? In the event you're serious, ask your coach. No one here has seen you run.


nnaybe you should let her beat you so that way you dont have such an angry friend around


Alexa, run faster.