When planning for a distance run do you include the run back to the point you started?



I plan the run based on the route I intend to take. Some runners may get dropped off at Point A and have someone meet them at the end of their run. Others may run a route that takes them back to their starting point (whether it's their home or a place where they parked their car before their run). You decide your route, whether it's a one-way, out-and-back (you go halfway and turn around and go back), or a big loop of some kind where you don't retrace your steps but you start/end at the same point. I run in the area where I live, so long or short runs are usually loops and zig zags around my neighborhood or my side of town, that end at the same place I started.


Yes, if you plan for them to turn around at a certain point and continue the run in the opposite direction. I was under the impression that distance running was either in a circle or you make it to the end and then stop, you don't turn around. If I'm not mistaken, then definitely include the run back so people know the full distance they will be running.


Yes that's most efficient.