What should I know before going surfing for the first time?



u gona get wet brah

Mike L

How to surf.

Jenna Taylya

Sharks kill


Know how to swim. Get a long board Wax the top (deck) t w/cold or warm water Dr. Zog's, whatever water you are surfing in. Don't go alone. Get as much advice from these experienced surfers on reading waves. Paddle out with them, never alone. Avoid rocks. In warmer waters, the waves break on coral, it is Painful. If in N Ca this time of year, get a dry suit . Or, get a Thick wet suit and pour a thermos of warm water down it. Hang Lo', Bro !

SSP Bowl Dude

How to swim Line-up etiquette How to read the waves


Water is qet


1. Whether you float or sink. 2. Water is cold.