Can I build an inground pool by myself?

I’ve never installed a pool before and have no clue where to even start. Is this hard?

John Bulling

If you have all the time in the world you probably could. Obviously you need lots of cash and time on your hand, planning permission, having plans drawn up for legal reasons.IF you don`t have a licence to drive a excavator you will struggle big time.To dig a hole one metre square by shovel will take hours or most of the day if the ground is to dry and stoney,if you have dry soil make sure you water the ground your digging two day before hand.Consider the width,length and how deep you wan`t the pool to be`in metres,yards or feet.Using a electric Air Hammer & chisel with diffrent chisel attachment with vibration control you can start separating soil for easy digging.If you wan`t a large inground pool say (length 8m width 4m and depth 1 to 1.5 metres) you will have at least 3 to 5 months of work on your hands with good wheather you could do it.Make sure you research every detail of all the tools,equipment,Laws and permit.Good luck and don`t forget all the soil you dug up?.

Jimmy C

Simple. Dig hole, add water. Oh yes, a few details in between but apart from that, very easy.


I highly suggest against it unless you are in the construction trade and you know how to navigate all the permits and such. The city or county may make you take it out if you don't do it right.


First start with you local bylaws, they may not allow you to do so anyways.


you could .. i thought about it, its 'alot' of shovel work lol .. and you'll have to actually pay somebody to bring in and pour the cement, your not going to wantto hand-mix that much trust me lol .. but you could plumb it and form it, just do enough research that you get it right ..


It will take a while, but yes you can. It depends on how hard it will be. If you have machine like a CAT it will be easy for the most part.