Can I die for getting into a frozen lake?



Yes. Hypothermia. Not to be negative but you can also die in a normal lake by bugs that are in the water. It is very unlikely though. If you get into a frozen lake somehow, you should get out and get warm. If you do those things, you should be fine :). That’s only for hypothermia though. Some people may die from the shock of the water but hopefully, you will be fine.


Yes that's possible


Yes of course. Some die from cardiac arrest and the shock of the cold water. Others have severe hypothermia set in after a few minutes and once that happens your muscles start failing to work and you will then drown probably. That is why only those who are healthy and have good hearts do things like the polar bear plunges that you sometimes see. They also don't spend any length of time in the water and there are always lifeguards and usually other emergency response teams on hand in the back ground like a fire department or ambulance and EMT. I once fell through the ice up to my chest on a lake I lived on up in Minnesota in the middle of the winter. Luckily I knew where I was and that it was only 4-5 feet deep there for some distance to the shore. I was walking directly to one of several large rocks that jutted up out of the water because I knew the ice in that area was often thinner when I fell through. Several feet from that rock that was about the size of a car I fell through up to my chest but was able to break the ice the rest of the way to the rock which I climbed up on and then down on the other side where the ice had not been broken yet. By the time I got home 15 minutes later my snow suit was frozen solid in spots except for directly behind my knees from walking the rest of the way and my arm pits from swinging and crossing my arms. I could not use my hands to open the basement door and go inside and had to pinch my arms together to turn the door knob. Once inside I then had to get my hands warmed up before I could try to get my frozen snow suit unzipped and off. To do that I had to scrape ice off the zippers with a large Phillips head screwdriver and had to then get a blow dryer to clear the ice from my boot laces and being able to untie them and get them off. It took another couple of hours for my body to feel warm again and normal.

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Yes, if your core body temperature decreases enough, vital organs will shut down and you will die.