What’s your opinion on this situation? What would you do?!?

I’m a young female teen, and I have been a competitive swimmer for years. Recently I moved up into a more advanced swim group, and I am not enjoying the new group at all. We have a 2 hour and 15 minute practice that is intense for me as I’m just young and there are swimmers so much older me than in my swim group. I’ve had a difficult time with my group as we do exercising out of the pool (stuff with weights, a lot of running, crunches, etc) for 45 minuets, and go and do a hard swim time. My swim coach has been a bit rude to me lately as yesterday, my swim coach comes up to me and says “Your going to do stuff right today and your going to work hard” (I work hard every practice and try my best) and also later we were doing about 20 lunches in a different way and my friend showed me how to do it as I was doing it incorrectly. Me, tired with my feet aching I stood there (finished with my 20 lunches) and my swim coach comes over to say to me “Um, she is trying to show you how to do it right and you aren’t doing it! She’s trying to help you and your just standing there” and I was like uhh ok. Then, in the pool, he basically was testing me by asking me questions (only me) that made me nervous. I know it may sound like I’m being way to sensitive but he only seems to pick on me and not my friends on anyone else . Another thing he did was tell me “I wasnt thinking for myself” and that “I was being clueless.” Which wasn’t true. What’s your opinion on this? It makes me feel like a loser.


Coaches are hard and show no mercy if they think you have the talent and the skill to be better. Maybe not the style I agree with but it is the case. I have a child in an NCAA D1 sport. They work out a good 4 hours a day and they only get Sundays off. You need to be comfortable but if you want to go to a high level you may need to tough it out. Good luck


Move back to the level that you feel more appropriate for you. If in the future you want to move back up at least you will know the price that is required. You should not feel like a loser, plenty of people would not even try this, not to mention your previous accomplishments.