Why do guys wear underwear boxers underneath their swimming trunks?



I have never done that. I have never seen any of my guy friends do that. I have never seen any guy do that. If I ever saw boxers coming out of the top of some guy's swimming trunks or boardshorts, I'd think that was really weird or that they were screwing around trying to look retarded or something. I mean, swimming trunks already have underwear in them, so if you put boxers on first, they'd get all bunched up in the underwear that's already in there when you put the trunks on. It'd be all lumpy and uncomfortable and goofy looking. Nobody does that. That's stupid. The only time you see boxers is when what they're wearing aren't really swimming trunks, like if they're wearing soccer shorts, which can look like swimming trunks, as swimming trunks. The difference is, soccer shorts and such don't have underwear already built in, and some of them, without wearing any underwear, can be quite revealing if they get wet--or even if you're lying on the beach and lift your legs up because the legs can be so baggy it'll leave everything from your butthoIe to your pubes in wide-open view for everyone to see, but boxers aren't so generous is the openings they leave.


No, that is unhygienic!


Would you want to be swimming next to someone that water is washing through their butt into your mouth?