Serena Williams just lost to Pliskova in a great match! Are you sad about that...?

...I am. Do you think Danielle Collins has a chance to win her first Major title?


I think Danielle Collins does have a chance, due completely upon her courageous spirit. She is one of the bravest and determined players I have ever seen. Its a huge task to get by Kvitova tonight, but the played a few weeks ago and although she lost, she did take a set! One of the most exciting players I have ever seen, Go Collins!


It boils down to getting the first serve in,getting the return of serve back into play, keeping the ball in play during the rest of the point, and attacking the ball at the right times to hit a winner. Most of the time, the better player, on a given day, wins the match. Not always, though. Sometimes, the higher-ranked player doesn't perform very well, and loses to a determined, but lower-ranked player. In this case, Pliskova was seeded #7, while Serena was seeded #16. And so, the "better" player won.


Wow, what a match! Serena was foot faulting during the entire match and I was wondering why she wasn't given a warning, but it came on match point! Very unfair! Then she twisted her ankle and the match was over for Serena. karolina deserves a lot of credit for coming back at 1 - 5. Since Serena twisted her ankle, she wouldn't be the best player to go into the final and maybe be forced to retire from her injury. It's hard to call the winner now, but I think kvitova or Osaka will win, but I'm routing for Collins! Regarding the men, I would like to see a Djokovic/Tsitsipas final with Tsitsipas winning, he is awesome!


Serena was cheated of the match by the referee just like the us open finals . It all boils down to racism