What exactly is taught in tennis lessons for kids?


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Probably depends on the teacher, since teachers are not identical to each other. If you are seriously interested in how tennis is taught, you could spend some time with https://uspta.com/ https://www.ptrtennis.org/ https://mtmca.com/Welcome.html Racket-handling drills are big. Movement [footwork] is also a key factor. Agility is another factor. We talk about building the athlete, not just racket-handling skills alone. And of course, FUN matters, big-time. If the lessons are not fun for the kids, they will eventually quit. https://usta.geniussis.com/registration.aspx?d=17


the kid can learn tennis with regular tennis balls, but it is generally agreed today that felt or foam balls are better. They have a slower bounce, and weigh less. This gives children plenty of time to react to the ball. They are also safer because they are soft. The disadvantages are that they are expensive, and sometimes start falling apart after a while. They can also be difficult to use outside, especially if it’s windy.





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Oddly enough: the game of tennis.

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They teach how to recognize the ball, how to distinguish it from all the other things. They teach which end of the racket to grab and which end goes into the enemy. They teach how to beat the ball so it goes flying past the enemy.

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How to play the game.