Help setting up a 4-2 VB rotation for 11 y/o's?

So this is my first year coaching and its for CLUB volleyball. We have had 2 tourneys and I just had them in a six man rotation and we were winning. I think they are ready for this but I want to make it easy as possible for them. I have never played a 4-2 so I dont really know how it works and what the rules are for it. I have done TONS of research and nothing has really helped. I want the setter in the middle is possible and I heard the other players can treat their position like a 6-man rotation and just the setters need to switch. please help I am so lost.


If you're using a 4-2, that means you need 2 people that are able to set. Make sure your setters start in opposite corners, or both in the center front/back. This ensures there will always be a setter in the front row. You may place your remaining 4 players however you like. Keep in mind the rules don't ever mention formations. All the rules are concerned about is that your players rotate one position each time you win the serve. If the current rotation places your front setter on the left or right, you simply wait until the ball is served, and then have them immediately switch with the person in the center. Remember, the current rotation is only required at the very start. The moment the ball is served, players may go wherever they want. Also, keep in mind there are no imaginary lines on the court that you have to stay within for your rotation. If two players want to switch, they can literally stand directly next to each other, and then switch the moment the ball is served. So the basic strategy is have your setter switch with the person in the center the moment the ball is served (or stay in the center if they're already there), then on your first hit pass the ball to the center, have your setter set the ball to the person on the left or right, and have them spike it. Pretty simple. Good luck.