How can I increase my vertical at home?

I play volleyball at school and club and I’m a senior so I’m no longer allowed to workout with off-season because I’ve already done my part. So it’s a big shift because I’m used to working out like everyday and now I don’t, all I do is practice so my vertical is suffering and it’s much harder to hit so please help.


plyometrics is something to look into. Also try jumping straight up and do things like deep knee bends. Your rear end to calves and spring back up not jumping. Than do a set where you do jump from the all the way down position. Plyometrics is and explosive rebounding exercise. Like jumping on and off a box, step or platform 2 feet tall. Strengthen the legs thru exercises like deep knee bends, lunges, duck walks. And you than nee to do the plyometrics and explosive exercises. Try to do gross muscle movements and incorporate exercise that use large groups of muscles. Burpees can help also mainly when you abt to stand back up you jump up.