Should I quit club volleyball?

im on a club volleyball team for the first time and was super unsure about joining it because it was my first time on a team outside of school. i was going through my moms emails looking for a volleyball certification thing i needed and instead found a series of emails about how i was either going to have to move up to an older team, or become a practice player on my current team. im torn because i was looking foward to playing and was already self consious about my level of playing. i like my current team and really dont want to move up, but i feel like i’ll look like an idiot who never gets played because shes bad or something. the only reason why i have to make this is choice is because im too old for my team. im not sure why this wasnt brought up before (like when i registered) but im so frustrated that this is all happening now. i feel like quitting club volleyball all together.


Only way to go is to get better. It sucks being the lowest, weakest, newest player on a team. But also think of it as you can only get better from here. If you play with people who are your level or lower, you won't get much out of it. If you play with players who are better, this tends to help make you better. If you feel like this is no longer for you then, that is your choice. It does seem that you like to play the sport, but don't kick yourself later if you stop and then your friends from the current club moved up and you stopped. Perhaps this will be the first year you do not play with them due to your age, but in a year or two, they will follow won't they not? Also it does not mean you can't talk to your friends or not play with them ever again. Make some time to play Volleyball with them outside of Club if you are able. Or maintain the friendship outside of Club.