Any tips on how to ice skate?

I am going ice skating with my crush for our date but I never learned how to so any tips? I’ll really appreciate it! Thank you!:)

Chris Ancor

Just do it. Get your date to pick you up when you fall, as you will.

Anonymous: TIPS

TIPS: Don’t attempt to do any tricks (such as jumping or spinning). If you feel you need to stay near the wall, stay near it. Keep knees SLIGHTLY bent. If you fall, get up with one foot at a time (I hope that made sense ._.). If you feel like you’re losing balance, put your hands together on your chest (kind of like you’re praying in a way lol) or put them out as if your arms are airplanes. Have fun! :)


Just put on the blades, get out there and do it


Wear a helmet.

Disciple of Truth

Make sure you get your skates tightened up properly. Keep your knees slightly bent. Put your weight more on the front half of your foot. The first time around is the hardest.