How long to learn how to ski?

The two types? What's the most difficult? 2- What to wear in to practise the ski? 3-Is the ski jump difficult? A person knowing surf can do that? 4-Is to do snowboard like surf? 5-What's the dangerous of skiing? 6-Is it expensive to ski? 7-How is the ambiance in the ski stations? 8- What's the army division to the mountains? Thanks Kyriacos, 3-I mean Olympic jump sport 8-I mean Army division.


the time u need to learn depends massively on Age, Place and generally the person. also learning to ski is one thing. improving is another. u can learn how to ski in 1-2 days, becoming better though depends on how often u ski. if u ski everyday for 10 days after learning how to ski, u might reach a beginner to intermediate level i think 1) if by 2 types u mean snowboard and ski, then both are the same but have other properties. snowboard though needs a more physical ability thats why old people dont snowboard. Although i believe skiing is better since u have more freedom. 2) clothes depend on the weather conditions. on average, to ski u are gonna need: skis, ski boots, fat fleece socks, ski gloves, thermal pants and shirt, ski pants, a fleece jacket, a ski jacket, a helmet, a face mask and ski goggles. (u can ski without the helmet or the mask but its for safety) like i said though it depends on weather conditions. u may need to wear set of thin gloves under ur ski gloves for example 3)Skiing is nothing like surfing. the fact that u surf though may help u balance on skis better. if by ski jump u mean a simple jump on a ramp then its not that difficult but it needs practice. if u mean the olympic sport ski jump then yes that is VERY HARD and u need a lot of practice to become an athlete of such a sport 4) the posture is similar but in snowboard ur feet are tied on the board. u can also stop and turning is different. I haven't tried snowboarding but i know by watching and generally being informed about the sport. sure surf may help u with the posture 5) there are many things that can go wrong in skiing just like any other sport. being hit by others, falling down with high speed, falling of a cliff (highly unlikely XD) but i wouldnt say its more dangerous than other sports AS LONG as u stay on the pistes. If u choose to go OFF PISTE, then the danger increases. hitting on a tree, on a rock, falling in a hole or if u choose to go to remote areas, u may be covered by an avalanche. but u can avoid those things by 1) staying in the slopes 2) learn how to ski better before going on harder slopes 3) wear a helmet 4) until u learn well, maintain a low speed. 5) take lessons to become better 6) Well it depends.u need a ski pass to enter the slopes and also ur gear. i say u should buy your clothing but RENT skis at first. the cost of skis depends on where u get them from, ewhat quality u get and for how many days. for 1 day it may cost $15-30. for a week it may cost $100-180 but like i said it depends what place u are in 7) being in a place where everything is white is beautiful. be sure to take some pictures. especially if u are above the tree line, it gets better the higher up u go 8) Not sure what u are saying but im pretty sure u are talking about the "mountain division" Hope this helped sorry for the long answer. enjoy ur ski and Stay safe :)