In the event that Rollins gets injured before WrestleMania, who will be next in line to challenge Lesner?



Braun strowmann


Brawn Strowman

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Brawn Strowman

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The Match that I would want to see would be Draw McIntyre vs. Brock Lesnar. I could even see WWE trying to get Dwayne Johnson to step in and wrestle Lesnar, I could see WWE having Tomasso Champa wrestle Brock Lesnar. I could even see WWE reading over to The Smackdown Roster and selecting Samoa Joe, Rusev or Luke Harper. Of course there are the usual suspects on Monday Night Raw: Finn Balsr, Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, etc.


I wouldn't be surprised if they tapped another big part time name like John Cena or even Kurt Angle. Nobody else would draw as much as John, and despite Raw's roster being chocked full of potential stars, nobody has had the trigger pulled on them yet where they'd even be considered a.) a Wrestlemania headliner or b.) capable of beating Brock. Finn might be the closest thing to real competition that Brock could have simply based off of booking. Braun's been punked out and flat out beaten with one F-5, Lashley's nowhere near being a headline contender, the same goes for how they've booked Drew as well. I suppose Bray could come back and build up a reputation within the span of, what? 3 months? but nobody would believe he's going to win at this point even if he came back with a great build up. That's ultimately the problem: there isn't time to build another contender, outside of maybe Finn who took Brock to task at Rumble. If they started using the Demon character again, then maybe Finn could be viewed as a real threat to Brock, and then this intrigue is created as to whether Lesnar could beat this undefeated entity that is the Demon. Considering Finn was also the #3 mover of merchandise in 2018 behind only the likes of a tied for 2nd place AJ Styles and Roman Reigns, and of course John Cena in the #1 position, he might be the best main roster choice.

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Should have been Braun Strowman from the go. World Wrestling Entertainment should've had Rollins go after Daniel Bryan, outside of the Reddit brigade who will probably pirate stream the event rather then watching the WWE Network whose going to watch Wrestlemania to see Seth Rollins face Brock Lesnar? Few if any. The internet wrestling community are the only people who take guys like Finn Bálor or Seth Rollins seriously, that isn't a 'vanilla midgets' reference it is just regular viewers can tell that Bálor and Rollins aren't worth the hype. Rewatch Royal Rumble 2019, Finn Bálor Vs. Brock Lesnar was a joke that only worked due to how Lesnar sold the match as Finn did little to nothing special. Compare that to Daniel Bryan Vs. Brock Lesnar where Bryan legitimately held his own against Lesnar. WWE feeling the need to book Seth Rollins to take six F-5s before staying down just proves how overbooked Rollins is. The Undertaker only needed three F-5s to sell the match, in reality it would've been two F-5s and a tombstone piledriver for the finisher. Think about that.