What do you think about Pro Wrestling Torch stating Dean Ambrose has been long frustrated with the creative direction of his character?

I'm sure creative was the one telling Ambrose to go out there acting like a spaz doing the bare minimum well spamming the pendulum lariat and being slow as a snail when hitting the snap double arm DDT. I'm sure creative told Dean Ambrose just to 'pop-up' after everything like a poptart in the toaster and here is something the internet wrestling community can't seem to accept Dean Ambrose much like Seth Rollins is not a draw. Every time Ambrose and Rollins were on PPV pre-WWE exclusivity the event got less buys then the previous year, face the facts. Creative tried to make Ambrose a draw by giving him the Money in the Bank (2016), WWE Championship, WWE Intercontinental Championship, two WWE Raw Tag Team Championship reigns and WWE United States Championship. Guess what never happened.


You're looking at big picture accomplishments that ultimately mean nothing without creative follow through. Dean's gimmick is terrible and has been since the Shield split. He went from being wacky guy who fights the authority with hot dog carts to being the guy who draws amazing heat one week with a promo and a turn, to being some dope in a gas mask calling people smelly. While I'm not a huge fan of his in-ring work, he's a great talker and he can hold his own in a match. He's definitely a draw and he's definitely been a merchandise mover over the years. He'll never be a main event guy because he's never booked consistently, and I'll even agree that he's a bit complacent but I don't blame him. When he attacked Seth the crowd lost it. Before the cheap heat of bad mouthing Roman the next week, or the silliness of dressing like a Wyatt and calling fans stinky, Dean Ambrose had heat and momentum for the first time since the last time a Shield member attacked another. Like back then, WWE dropped the ball and backpedaled him into bad booking. Your argument is that WWE put titles and accomplishment on Dean Ambrose's resume and for some tangible reason he hasn't been cut out for a world title run?That's funny because that's my argument too. If you book someone like trash, they'll give it right back to you.