What do you think about World Championship Wrestling's 'Fingerpoke of Doom' twenty years later?

Ha! That's gonna put some butts in the seats, heh

The Ghost Hunter

That's One of The Dumbest Booking in Pro Wrestling History. It's Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan Idea. This was The Downfall of WCW. It officially Ended their Wrestling Business. They also Mentioned Mankind for winning The WWE Championship on January 4 1999. Their Fans has Switched to watch Mankind Celebration as The New Champion with Stone Cold Steve Austin Helps. It's very Selfish from Hogan and Nash back then. They might still Like it in Modern Era.


Stupid then. Stupid now.

Ethan Shields

I still think it was stupid


I think it was bad, but I also think it's blown out of proportion on how bad it was. Some people even talk as if it were supposed to be a legit move instead of Nash simply laying down (and taking the best bump of his career). It didn't break any fourth walls, it didn't "ruin the business", it was just more nWo double turn B.S. Was it bad? Yeah, but it's nothing different from all of the other crummy stuff the late nWo factions did. I kind of resent it for getting as much credit as it does for being "the beginning of the end of WCW". It wasn't even the cherry on top of a sundae of bad booking decisions. It's more like one of many sprinkled on bad decisions. The Schiavone line did more damage than any of it