What do you think of Mandy Rose saying that she's single now because her boyfriend broke up with her?

Mandy Rose said during the interview that her boyfriend dumped her. After she showed a clip from Tough Enough.

"Jim Crockett Promotions Fan"

If he actually broke up with her, I'm certain that there were plenty of Single and Married Men around the world who were prepared to take his place. If Mandy Rose is unattached and in between relationships at the moment it is because she chooses to. It take a lot to maintain a relationship when you are doing more than 250+ Shows a year and are never home. More Professional Wrestlers wind up getting divorced because of that. It's hard to maintain a relationship In that business.

The Ghost Hunter

LMAO. I'm not buying it. She got a man. Nobody is Dumb Enough to dump her because she's way too attractive.