What is going to happen to the Championship belt that Daniel Bryan threw in the trash?

Daniel Bryan threw away the championship belt and revealed a new one that is made from material that Daniel Bryan likes. The championship he threw away is WWE going to get it?

John Dasani

The new belt isn’t permanent. Whoever beats him will bring back the old belt.

Ethan Shields


"Jim Crockett Promotions Fan"

When you go to a Wrestlemania Axxess Session in April, you'll see that Belt on Display with all The Other Original Championship Belts at The Wrestlemania Store. Not only that, WWE will let you buy copies of that Championship Belt for $450 s piece like they always have. In the meantime, WWE will have a New WWE Championship Belt made when the present Daniel Bryan Storyline has run it's course and they are ready to do a new Daniel Bryan Storyline.


They'll bring it back once someone beats him for it the garbage he has isn't staying around long.