Who else thinks AEW will do a better job competing against WWE compare to XFL vs NFL?



Technically they already have. XFL will never steal away top prospects that the NFL would have a close eye on. AEW has already done that with Chris Jericho, the Elite themselves, along with I gotta assume the Lucha Brothers were on WWE's radar. I know Pentagon Jr. has at least reportedly been looked at. People will not actively leave the NFL to pursue a career in the XFL. Jericho, Cody, Brandi, and PAC already have left WWE for greener pastures, and Britt Baker has also had a presence within the WWE that indicates that they were interested in signing her. AJ Styles plans on using AEW for leverage in contract negotiations, which means he's willing to at least field an AEW offer. Is AEW to put WWE out of business? No. AEW wants to offer a true alternative for both wrestling fans and the wrestlers themselves. Is XFL's goal to take the NFL's spot? Yes, and while they initially picked an opening in the political mine field that is the NFL, while it may sway the fans into at least checking into the XFL, they're going to have to make them stay. If XFL doesn't have NFL level talent, then there's no reason for football fans to watch inferior football. That was the crux of XFL last time. They spent the whole time smack talking the NFL and claiming that XFL wasn't wrestling WITH WRESTLERS that they forgot to actually hire more than just NFL draft rejects. XFL will need scouts that can promise the up and coming college football players that the NFL probably already have a bid on something that the NFL can't promise them. XFL has nothing to counter an NFL offer.

John Dasani

They haven’t had their first show yet. It’s too early to tell.

Kathy Smith

not in the long run it won't