Wrestling Section: What all wrestling promotions do you like to watch, currently?


Candle: Counting WWE brands as separate entities

Counting WWE brands as separate entities: NXT, occasionally Smackdown! Lucha Underground, if it is still indeed a thing after the last season. I'll watch ROH in a blue moon if it's like midnight and I can't sleep. New Japan Pro Wrestling, I occasionally watch Major League Wrestling even though it's been hit or miss, and with the recent departures of Brody King, PCO, and Rush, it stands to fall off even further. I think Sami Calihan might be out the door soon too. Same with MJF I'd imagine. Koto Brazil's pretty good though, as are Fred Yehi and Simon Gotch. It's nice to see the more mellowed by age pariahs of wrestling like Teddy Hart and Low Ki work somewhere. NWA's ongoing 10 lbs of Gold series and uploaded title matches have been fun. Not always great, but fun. I occasionally look at an Impact Wrestling card and decide to give it the time of day. I've fallen off of PWG lately because I'm broke and can't afford a growing DVD collection, and Chikara's not touring much in my neck of the woods anymore so I rarely watch anything new from them these days sadly. I attend a lot of indie events when I get a chance. 3 or 4 local indie shows come to mind that I attend at least a handful of times a year each. There's way too much wrestling in my life and I'm not even watching the main WWE product or most of what's on TV regularly.


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