Are there arabs for israel if are there jews for Palestine?



Polls in Arab countries show a very small minority of Arabs that approve of Israel. From what I recall, it's only about 5% positive.


A lot of Arabs are Israeli citizens. I imagine their views on the subject are nuanced.


YES, like that Mohammad Zoabi kid


im sure you might be confusing arabs with muslims.there are Israeli arabs.. im sure they love themselves


Probably, but the media in most Arab countries is quite strict and wouldnt allow such a view to be aired.


I doubt it very much until they love their own children as much as they hate everyone else they are to arrogant to love anything.

just ice

Yes the likes of Sisi the Egyptian dictator who ordered live fire on demonstrators as the Israelis do on Gazan demonstrators. Also the Saudis who butchered Kashoggi in the Saudi embassy in Turkey, and the supporters of the Saudis


Yes there are Arabs and Muslims that support Israel

The First Dragon

20% of Israeli citizens ARE Arabs, so, yes. They are not required to do military service as are non-Arabs, but many of them do anyway.