Do you agree Iranian leaders wasted money on terrorism against Israel and made it unconstructed while their people love live in Israel?

I think the Iranian people Gentiles are obsessed with living in Israel. Like Russians and Africans, Iranians are not caring about their own culture and religions and love to live in Israel at any price (losing their own beliefs). I know a gay Persian stayed in Sweden to get a refugee status in Israel as an example. We Jews hate them being superficial..... Israel life is not worthy you lose your own identity..... Many Muslims like Arabs and Turks are better, though, not mean anything else.... Thanks!

Shyster Cooshie Jew

There's a tremendous amount of antisemitism nowadays. Jewish people are not feeling safe like they did 50 years ago. I feel scared!

Local Machine

I think them I-raneans don't give a sheet about Isreal. It's justa jew/victim routine, that's all. We are not biting nomo', thank you

Simple Simon: Typical Muzzie tandem

Typical Muzzie tandem: Question-Quick best answer,,,,, Fillistina did shrunk. In 1922 league of Nations divided the historic Palestine. Arabs got East Palestine (78% of historic), which is called today Jordan. Such state never existed before. Jews got West Palestine, including the West Bank and Gaza(22% of historic). But even this Arabs try to shrink and in addition to Jordanian people, Palestinian people were invented...


Fillistinia never shrank and Is Real never grew.