Does Charles like that Camilla spends much time at her own home, RayMill House, with her other husband Andrew who is father of her children?



When she's at her personal home, she's NOT with her former husband. She may have him visit during family gatherings - after all they had 2 children together but that's all. Her 'other husband'? He is her EX-HUSBAND fgs.- he remarried although she has since died (cancer). I'd imagine that the current arrangement between Charles and Camilla, which clearly works (unlike his marriage to Diana), is ONLY their business.

Clo G.-B.

Andrew Parker Bowles does not live at Raymill House.He may be invited to visit his children and grandchildren. Camilla uses the house to entertain her children and grandchildren, and Charles stays at Raymill House as well! This is not the first time that a version of this question has been posted by an anonymous asker---someone obsessed with Camilla.


Idiot, she has no other husband, andrew is her ex husband and he does not go to raymill, just her children and grand children.


Mrs. Parker-Bowles is Charles’ “beard”. He only needs her for public occasions and photographs. They have an arrangement so that he can be alone with his male servants at his homes whilst she is at her own home (Raymill) where she is able to smoke to her heart’s content (he doesn’t like her smoking). The royal watcher, Ingrid Seward, says having separate homes works well for them.