What is "Alliance" Israelis you know?


Simple Simon

Greeting Abdul E, Korina/Fukima pretending to be a Greek woman... I will open you Israeli secret of survival- Alliances. Arabs are not the only major ethnic group in the ME. The others are Iranians and Turks. Since 3 of them always fight each other for dominance one of them always looking to be allied with ME real Military Superpower-Israel. yes, the reality is the tiny Israel is the ME military real superpower. Since Israel official establishment in 1948, all 3 major ME groups were Israel allies. 1948-1970's Iran was major supporter of Israel. When crazy Ayatollahs took power in Iran, Turkey became major supporter of Israel. When Erdogan took power in Turkey, independent Arab states started supporting Israel. And all 3 of them did it not because they love Jews, or from Humanitarian point of view. But because without Israel none of them would be able to survive aggression of others. And this related not only to the ME states, but to Mediterranean states also. If you would be a real Greek, you would know since start of the Erdogan era, Greece became active supporter of Israel. Israel And Greece have military alliance. And not only Greece. Israel has military alliance with many NATO countries, Greece Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania. You see , Erdogan is surrounded!

John E

Since all of our Jewish friends are a nomadic tribe the "Alliance IsraƩlite Universelle" is a program to educate young Jews to be able to decode the "Protocols of Zion" and the Talmud, all around the globe. These remarkable Arab people have not discovered the internet yet so this is an old fashioned teaching method of learning. Thank you for sharing Greetings