What is being done by the palace to make the public in the UK and Commonwealth more accepting of the future reign?

...of His Majesty King Charles and Her Majesty Queen Camilla? Especially since the public was initially told that Camilla would not be Queen, but instead would be Princess Consort? What specifically is being done to prepare the public?


The Queen has done her bit with regards to the Commonwealth Heads of Government. The public has had 60 plus years to get used to the idea that Prince Charles will be the next king.


It is a monarchy, the people have nothing to do with it. other than celebrate. The commoners do not Vote for King & Queen. It is forced on them by royal privilege and parliament. And, there will be Camilla as becoming Queen Consort. This presumes that Charles outlives his mother.


I thought the PR machine was already trying to do that! Makes no difference as there will always be some (a minority btw) who will never accept Charles and Camilla as King and Queen Consort. Most people will just get on with the own lives.


I wasn't aware that there was a problem.

Janet S

What do you mean, “initially”?

Clo G.-B.

The hereditary monarchy will go on as it has over the centuries---when one monarch does, the heir becomes the mew monarch. Nothing is done to prepare the public. The wife of a king is a non-reigning Queen Consort. The public was also informed by royal experts that there was no such title as "Princess Consort." Many people understood that Camilla's wishes and choice to be known as Duchess of Cornwall was her way of letting the public know that she, Camilla, knew that she could never take Diana's place.


Nothing by me, the other countries can sort themselves out. Most of them are run by thugs and gangsters anyway, and I would be only too happy to see ties with such places loosened.


Whatever they are doing, its not working. Their collective reputation continues to plummet.