Which country is more conservative, India or Israel?



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It depends on how you measure it. Israel and India are good friends.Jews have lived in India for thousands of years


Both countries suck!!!


India. Israel has its conservative elements; however, it's still a rather secular nation and that is more permissive to certain liberal values. India has a greater religious population, and that has an effect on the nation in their policies and what is allowed in society. For example, LGBT rights in Israel are some of the best in the world, whereas India's aren't praised by many. Women in Israel also have an easier time leaving traditional roles compared to Indian women, particularly since they have to serve in the military alongside men. It really doesn't help that India's population is so damn large that large swaths of the population are still living in conditions reminiscent of many centuries ago. India can't build schools and other facilities fast enough to keep up with their population, so naturally if their lives aren't different than they're going to live them like they have been for generations. In other words, they're conserving it. It is true that Israel has populations that like to keep themselves isolated - ultra-Orthodox banning smartphones because they can access the "impure" internet being the first example coming to mind - but they're at least able to access modernity in some form and don't outright reject all of it, and besides are a smaller part of Israel.

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Isreals are kinda likem Pakistanians. Smelly, short and ugly


India. No gay pride parades.

American Noodle

India is not a Gay haven....... Israel is

Simple Simon

India and Israel have a lot in common. Both nations have more than 3,000 years old history. (Only China belongs to this club). Both were British Colonies and established with the fall of the British Empire at the end of the WW2. (Practically Israel was established in 1922). Both were invaded by Muslims. Till today both have hostile Muslim minority. Because till today both did not deport hostile Muslims, I think India and Israel are liberal countries.

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India! Very rapey country.

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