A flight from Manchester England, to New York is how much? Is it the same as like flying from England to Amsterdam? Need answers pls?


Karen L

No, it isn't the same. It's a lot farther to New York so it'll cost more. You can find out the cost of flights anywhere by putting the name of the two cities followed by 'flights' in your search bar


Prices can vary significantly. If you are flexible on dates, you have a better chance of getting a cheap flight. You need to internet search.

Jackie M

Google the flight prices but will take something like 8 hours from Manchester to New York and cost around £400 and from England to Amsterdam is around 2 hours and costs around £100


Depends when you're flying. It'll cost more than England to the Netherlands. Look on a comparison site like SkyScanner.


3 major questions need to be asked of you first. 1. When (or what days) do you want to fly? Major holidays such as christmas and new years maybe considerably more than just a random time frame in May.. 2. What fare class you looking at? First/business would obviously be more money that your basic coach class. 3. How many travelers you looking at? The more people traveling, the more money it will be.


Obviously it's more as it's much further to go. And how much it costs depends on what price you can find and when you book it.


No, an international long haul flight uk to New York is always going to be more expensive than an intercontinental flight to Amsterdam. Check http://www.skyscanner.net


It depends on when you want to go. If you want to travel tomorrow, it will cost more than if you want to travel three weeks from now. The airfare is not the same as that from England to Amsterdam. New York is significantly farther from Manchester than Amsterdam and Ryanair and Easyjet do not fly to North America.


Call a Travel Agent locally and ask.