Do airplanes have beds? And do they cost more?

I have a medical condition that requires me to lay flat occasionally and I’ve never flown before. I’m supposed to take a flight to see family overseas but I wasn’t able to find information on this. Do I need to provide a doctors note? How much more cost is it? Do I have to be in first class to use the bed?

Diane A

A doctors note won’t get you a cheaper ticket, you would have to search airlines with lie flat beds and that is premium class, such as first or Polaris class in United. So you would have to search that, routes and costs. You can’t even get into a class area you don’t have a ticket for,


Some airlines have beds in first class, on certain routes. The cost will be at least 6 times more than a standard Economy seat, although some do have them in Business class instead of only in First class.


Some do and yes they cost a lot more. For example the last international trip I took cost $1312 standard economy, $1678 deluxe economy and $7856 for lay flat business class. I always check in case I miss sale A medical condition will not get you a dicount


Yes, some have them in first class. But some airlines have seats in business class that can fold flat. Seeing you seem rather inexperienced in flying, I really think you would be better to go to a reputable travel agent and lay your situation before them. They will KNOW the various options. NB: The options will all be expensive, but some will be more expensive than others.


On long international flights, the airline's premier 1st class, may have lay flat seats but you will pay for it. My wife and I are flying Delta One from Chicago to Rome next summer. $4000 per person.


If you needed a bed, you would need a first class or business class seat. Most trans ocean flights have lie flat seats in those classes. Fares are going to be significantly more. If the economy fare was 500 one-way, business would be 2000 to 3000. Maybe you know someone who flies a lot and can redeem their miles? And like another poster mentioned, a medical condition does not get you any preference or discounts. Otherwise, everyone would have some sort of doctors note!


Yes - and they're significantly more expensive than normal seats It depends on the plane / aircraft, but they're generally the most expensive option, in first class or thereabouts Medical requirements won't made this any cheaper.


Not all airplanes do. You would have to do your research on which types of planes that will be used. And of course they would cost more. Why wouldnt they? The one s that would turn into beds would be in first class which is significantly more.


You need to speak directly to the chosen airline company. Usually bed like seating is only available in 1st Class at considerable cost.


you need go business class & above. Not all seats in business class will fold out flat.


Air New Zealand have 'sky couches' (seats that fold out into a bed) in Economy on some of their B777's. It's a new thing. But they cost a lot.


Yes. A380 Business Class and First class. Cost is very HIGH.