How do I efficiently navigate my way through Denver international airport?

I recently came to Denver from Columbus Ohio and when I flew in I didn’t realize Denver airport was so huge. I would’ve gotten lost if I wouldn’t have followed people from my flight to baggage claim lol, but I’m going to be flying back soon so I’m going to have to find my way around. Help?!


It appears that you can read. Every airport in the world has SIGNS and BOARDS everywhere. As long as you allow yourself time to stand still and actually read them, you'll have no problems.


Follow the signs - all airports, including Denver, have many signs to point the way to where you need to go. You might have to stop and take a minute to really look, but I guarantee you that there is a sign for where you need to be.

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There is no place on earth that has more signs than an airport. Follow the signs, after referring to your itinerary to make sure you're going to the right section, gate, etc, as well as the time your flight leaves. There are electric signboards throughout the airport giving the status of flights. Check one of those, to see if your flight is delayed or has changed gates. After you check in and have your boarding pass, go to Security. Then you look for your gate.

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Try using your EYES and Brain. Many large signs and maps to guide you where you need to go. Many UNIFORMED staff are around to assist. You can ask for help if you need it, Cincinnati (CVG) - Allegiant, Year-round - Delta, Year-round - Frontier, Year-round - Southwest, Year-round - United, Year-round Cleveland (CLE) - Frontier, Seasonal - Southwest, Year-round - United, Year-round Columbus (CMH) - Frontier, Year-round - Southwest, Year-round - United, Year-round You have to figure out which airline you are using and go to the check in area for that Airline. Next stop is security. After that make your way to gate. IF that is IF you have time you might stop for the toilet the ones at the Airport are much more comfortable than the ones on the plane. You might get a beverage to drink on your flight or while waiting. You might get something to eat while you wait or to take on the plane. As the flight is an hour or two do not need much. DO NOT aim for being last person to board. PAY ATTENTION to what is going o around you. Departure gates can change for many reasons listen for announcements and recheck the information screens. STOP STARING AT YOUR GADGET. Unplug ONE ear Turn head left to right and use your EYES to see where to go. You can talk to mom and all your friends a few minutes later. It is recommended at least 2 hours before departure to be at the check in area. CRAP happens. Being earlier is not a bad thing. It avoids the panic of needing to run around racing to get on plane. Think for moment how did your find your way at your Ohio Airport to get to your flight to Denver? Same basic procedure. READ the signs, CHECK in. PASS Security. GO to gate. If you get confused activate Brain use Eyes to locate a UNIFORMED staff person or information counter and then use mouth to ask questions. Activate ears to listen for the answer. It may require that you disconnect your music, stop talking on your phone or playing your game. You will survive the disconnection from the web.


Do you not know how to read? There will be plenty of signs that will point you in the right direction.


Arrive early enough to get through security and make it to your gate without having to hurry. When you get your boarding pass check your departure gate which will include the terminal. After going through security, you take an escalator down to the trains. If you leave from a A gate, you get off at the first train stop after you get on. B gates are the second train stop and C gates are the third train stop. After you get off the train take the escalator up. At the top of the escalators there are signs showing which gate numbers are to the left and which are to the right. Just follow the signs to get to your gate

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Read the signs.

trailblazer: Two things to remember about large airports

Two things to remember about large airports: 1. Know the terminal you are travelling from, generally named on the booking details. 2. Arrive in good time, ie for your domestic flight, even though some would say 60 mins is enough time, not at a large airport, allow at least 90 mins, and preferably 2 hours. Also online checkin can save you time and if you gave no checked baggage, you could head straight for the security queue. Airports are well sign posted, look at the departure board to confirm your gate number, and I m to get there at least mins before departure.


To be totally honest with you the efficient way to navigate your way through ANY airport is by looking for these things called signs. If you are arriving in Denver, just follow the signs to Baggage Claim. They make it even easier that they will often have a picture of a suitcase next to it. This is not to be sarcastic, but the reality is that navigating through an airport is actually one of the easiest things to do because they are so well signed. If you are arriving at the airport to go back to Ohio, every terminal will have the airlines for that terminal signed outside of each terminal. If you are being driven to the airport by a shuttle or taxi, just tell the driver what airline and they will get you to the right terminal. Then you can go inside the terminal, drop off your bags(if you have them) and then follow the signs to the Security Check. Once through just follow the signs to your gate which is listed on your Boarding Pass.


no airport is easy, especially when busy