Plane ticket times?

Hello, I am trying to look at flights from Chicago, IL to Tokyo, Japan. I want to go there for my honeymoon, but I can't find out how to book two round trip plane tickets for the same plane at the same time. I do not want to get on a separate plane from my husband when going to a foreign country. I've tried trip advisor and all those sites, but a lot of them only offer flights at different times or on different planes, even when I schedule months out. Am I doing something wrong? I don't want to miss out on a good honey moon because the site doesn't work properly.

A Hunch

When you are purchase an airline ticket at the very beginning of the process, it will ask you have many passengers. You select 2, if it's for you and your future spouse. - Then when you are looking at the flight detail, where ever you are buying it from will know that it's for 2 people.


Ummmmm yeah. Every single website will ask on the front page how many travelers are in the group. The default will always be one in which you yourself have to change to 2 travelers. If you still cant figure out how to change the 1 to 2 travelers, than you either need to let your fiance book the tickets or go to a travel agency to book it for you. This is pretty basic stuff.


Of course you won't need to go on separate planes. Go right back to the beginning and make sure you've selected '2' on the 'how many passengers?' bit BEFORE you start on destinations and dates and so on.


Usually theres a preference to check at the beginning that says adults and you select 2 thats how its always been when ive used those sites which btw have ripped me off and stolen my money many times, be very careful


Just don't go