Why do so many bad things happen on United Airlines?

Whenever something bad happens on an airline, its almost always on United. Like today, when some woman fat-shamed her seatmates. United airlines has also kicked many autistic passengers of planes because they were "disruptive". Why is United Airlines like this? This doesn't happen as much on American Airlines.


That is absolute rubbish all airlines have bad thigs happen at some time or another. Not just United Airlines.


How is bad behavior on a passenger's part the airline's fault? Plenty of things like that happen on American. And Delta.

Katie M

I agree. I have never had as much trouble traveling as when I've flown United Airlines. the last time I flew United I was stuck on a tarmac for 6 hours due to a mechanical issue. I get that it needed to be addressed but as a passenger I got no information, no hope and nothing to make this wait more comfortable. That day I decided to never fly United Airlines again. They were rude when asked relevant questions and did not even offer water to passengers until my husband loudly DEMANDED it. Never again. They don't treat their customers with respect.