7 day trip to japan?

What documents do I need in order to visit Tokyo Japan I bought a one way ticket without really looking into it so I had to buy a separate ticket back to I’m a us citizen with a current passport I have bank statements for proof of sufficient funds as well as a credit card I’d just like to be 100% sure I have everything set to come back Do I need to sign up for a visa or get into contact with anyone? My flight back is from Tokyo Japan ->manila (philippines)with a layover of 4 hrs and then ->Us

Vinegar Taster

As an American you can stay up to 90 days without a visa . All you need is a passport , round trip ticket , and enough money to support your stay .


1) Current passport is good, but make sure it is not within 30 days of expiration because that may cause problems - they don't like people entering on near expiring passports. 2) Because you are an US citizen, a tourist visa is waiver IF you have a either a round trip ticket or an onward ticket. In other words, you have to have proof that you have the means and intend to leave Japan. I'm surprise your travel agent didn't tell you this. But that other ticket you bought for Japan-> Philippine-> US is your onward ticket. Make sure that you have that ticket on your because you may need to show it when you go through passport control/Custom-Immigration as proof that you have one. 3) Bank statement and proof of sufficient funds is not necessary. You are a tourist and not applying for residency or citizenship which you are not eligible anyways. 4) As a US citizen, a visa is not necessary if you are going to Japan as a tourist and you leave Japan in 90 days - that's the limit of a tourist stay for a US citizen (and 180 days total in 1 year). Be sure that Customs and Immigration officers at passport control (you go through the passport checkpoint upon leaving the plane and gather your luggage) stamp your passport. That stamp takes the place of a visa and it MUST be there if any Japanese police or official ask to see your passport while you are touring Japan. If they don't see it on your passport, you will be detained by the police and they are very serious about this.


You have a valid passport, round trip ticket, and enough funds for your stay. The only thing missing is a plan - what will you go and see in Japan? They're not going to ask you that, but if you want a meaningful trip, you'd better have some idea.


It would be nice!


Have a good trip. Go for it.

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Excellent question. The answers is ....