Does anyone else love it when people want to play road rage with their expensive cars ?

So you want to play road rage ? Guess how much i care about my $2,000 crap car.


Sounds like we'll be reading about you getting shot for messing with the wrong person.


Yes I love it also. Let them act as Forrest Gump says "Stupid is as stupid does".


Your crap car ain't no match for my Glock G37.


Someone who can afford an expensive car can also afford to insure it and hire a very good lawyer. Learn to care.


Your car is better then mine. I dont think i would ever get more then $500 for mine with all the bent body panels. But seriously, it really annoys me when someone has an expensive car and drives under the speed limit and annoys other drivers. Even when we had 2 inches of snow outside people just dont know how to freaking drive going 10 mph in 2 inches of snow.

Phil M

It doesn't matter how much your car cost you. It's more about how much insurance you have.


that $ 2000 vehicle could cost you your life or that of someone else + possible prison time for vehicular manslaughter


People are full of anger now, but what they really need is to grow up.


Apparently, You drive a better car than me!

Pearl L

no, i think road rage is dangerous and i wish people didnt do it


It's funny they pay $50,000 for a car they can't afford.