How come China has No alphabet ?



They do have a phonetic system, in addition to the traditional and simplified characters.


The Chinese language itself has a large number of words with the same pronunciation but completely different meanings. They are called homophones. These homophones can be a source of ambiguity when they are written in Pinyin.


It takes upwards of 2 years of close study to memorize the Asian script that represents oral expressions. Romanized lettering is a European relic born from the Age of Western Enlightenment. China has the perception that was a mistake it can soon correct. As it is doing with an internal population of Islamic citizens. Camps exist in China where 100,000 people can be made to become model China Nationals. Education deletes all prior Non-Chinese cultural heritage. Such as language, writing, worldwide social media access, political correctness, and more. No one departs until they are deemed adequate citizens of China. Non-adequate behavior is not fed.

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Because "Chinese" is actually several dozen spoken languages. They use ideograms so speakers of all spoken varieties (linguists call them "sinitic languages", chinese government propaganda pretends they are "dialects") can read the same books and newspapers