Is Roger Stone right, that he was arrested for exposing Hillary Clinton broke the law or no?

He said he was arrested for exposing Hillary


"Everything is Hillary's fault." - Section 2, paragraph 1, Republican Platform


Roger Stone is a con man, just like his buddy, Donald Trump. Stone was arrested for his involvement in the Trump/Russia conspiracy. Stone has a big mouth, like Donald Trump. The more they talk, the more they tell on themselves. Their good friend Rudy Giuliani has that problem, too.


Roger Stone has literally made a living out of lying to the American public! This guy is like a disease, an epidemic of conspiracy theorist bull sh!t that has made this country a laughing stock in the eyes of the world because of complete crazy garbage that bastards like this have thrown out there and of which some of us are dumb enough to believe!!! The sooner this lunatic is thrown in prison, the better and saner this country will be!!!


Don't be ridiculous.

Lois Griffin

Hillary is honest.


He and his wife got exposed as swingers and was fired from the Bob Dole campaign. Now that's exposed


Yeah. I'm sure the SCO has evidence of Hillary's emails instead of Stone's to Trump's upper echelon asking about further Russian hacking during the campaign.


he lies just like trump

Judy & Charlie

Sounds like bullshit to me, why?

Fox News Cultist

by exposing do you mean lying to a court official


He was arrested because he's a criminal. Roger Stone has been charged w/ 7 charges of felony, including obstruction, witness tampering & making false statements. “Prosecutors told US District Judge Jackson on Friday that they had seized so much material that they might not be ready to bring Stone to trial until October.” Roger Stone docket: Stone's case is related to the indictment of 12 GRU officers for hacking the Clinton campaign. ✅ 18 U.S.C § 1505— Obstruction of proceedings ✅ 18 U.S.C § 1001— False Statements ✅ 18 U.S.C §1512— Tampering with a witness This was Republican Operative Roger Stone— the longest serving Trump political aid.


Here's the part you forgot to add. Why after he publicly said as a noted well known government official who posed absolutely no risk flight or danger and publicly stated that he would simply turn himself in, did so much tax money get wasted on some ridiculous Hollywood movie like pre-dawn raid complete with several agents and helicopters etc. This is the type thing America has to stop. Before Trump it would just be a simple expected phone call from his attorney and he would turn himself in costing 0$ to tax payers. Don't know the exact figure but I'd venture to guess that arrest cost more than one average American middle class workers combined make in a year. Now we are allowing Gestapo and KGB tactics? Read up on what lead to WWII, people. The greatest generation fought and died to squash this sort of awful mindset and wow...really? Here we go again but now its happening in America and becoming common place? Wake up sleeping giant.


Stone was arrested for lying to Congress. Hillary was investigated for possibly breaking the law by the FBI. She was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing.


He was arrested because he has a different mindset than Mueller, and the liberals in the upper echelons of the intelligence agencies.


I think that is part of it . The left are not good people . They are using KGB like tactics to go after only one political side , the side they see as an enemy . They don't care what their side does illegally and will use and even abuse laws to prosecute people. I hope more people wake up to their evil goal of turning our country into a soviet like state where everyone is looking over their shoulder .


You do know everyone who was indicted by Muller who was available for trial has been found guilty or plead guilty. That Hillary was never indicted by anyone. His argument is a tu quoque fallacy, even if it were true. He is not being accused of exposing Hillary Clinton. Stone officially on the president’s campaign and an adviser to Trump, would spin reports, peddle conspiracies and, according to prosecutors, collaborate with WikiLeaks to release damaging information about Hillary Clinton in the final stretch of the 2016 campaign. He was arrested for lying to investigators and trying to tamper with a witness. Roger Stone is a self-proclaimed "dirty trickster", a controversial figure in Republican circles for decades - stretching back to the time when he worked on Richard Nixon's notorious committee for re-election. He has spent years maneuvering the political dark arts to help influence American election campaigns. In social media posts and in many interviews before the 2016 election, Mr Stone implied that he had advance knowledge that a trove of information damaging to Mrs Clinton's campaign might be about to be made public. He even suggested that he had personally spoken to the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. He's changed his tune since saying that he was not actually speaking to Mr Assange and that he had no direct knowledge that Russians were responsible for the Democratic hacking. It will now be a judge not a TV audience, who decides his fate in an ever complicated web of stories and lies.


No.The biggest problem the Republican party has is letting go of the A**Holes from the Nixon/Reagan/Bush eras. They bring the same criminal mindset and holier than thou attitude. These are the same jerks that think we have a class system in the United States and they've spent the greater portion of their careers convincing their constituents that they are "middle class", which automatically makes these dickweeds the "upper class". Crap driven mind techniques. If the Republicans ever get back to being Republicans rather than elitist buttholes, we might actually see some progress.

Philip H

Stone was primarily attacked for giving support to President Trump. His process crimes were part of a Trap set up my Mueller and his second in command Shocking details can be obtained by reading "Licensed to Lie" by Sidney Powell.


I see hillary Clinton is still wearing a ankle device


I don't know but what I do know is that this investigation is bullshitt. The FBI was never happy about a Trump Presidency. I kind of wonder if they did not stop the parkland school shooting to try and hurt Trump politically in Florida.

Big One 0909

that may not be the exact why. I mean, lots of folks have exposeed Hillary and they have been systematically Ignored.

Uncle Pennybags

Stone didn't expose Hillary. Of course the difference of how Hillary and Stone were treated was extreme. FBI Director confirmed for us the numerous ways Hillary broke the law and perjured herself before Congress, and he CHOSE not to prosecute her. Stone wasn't indicted for any crimes other than process crimes, and he got a 27 man FBI SWAT team and a perp walk. Stone is no violent criminal. If he was to be arrested, sending 3 or 4 plainclothes agents would have been more than sufficient.