Tour To Japan and China?

I am planning to visit Japan and China in September. Wanted some feed back from some veterans here 1) Is it better to combine both countries in one visit or is it going to be hectic 2) Can we see important places in 10 to 12 days 3) Is it better to take tour packages or we can go on your own


You can't even begin to see both countries in 10-12 days! If that's all the time you have, my recommendation would be to visit one country or the other. But babyboomer1001 has a point- few people make that trip more than once. You can do the major sites in Tokyo and Beijing in 10-12 days- but you'll miss out on the wonders of Kyoto, Osaka and Okinawa. Japan is a little easier to visit on your own- we did it in the late 1980s, but outside the major tourist hotels, you'll be surprised how little English is spoken. They study English, but they're taught that they have to be perfect, so they're afraid to speak it. There are usually pictures of the food on the menus, so you can just point. And the public transport system is pretty easy to figure out. In Beijing, taxi drivers may or may not know English. But you can get someone in your hotel to write your destination down, and then show that to the driver. Kids are learning Mandarin and English is school, so if you have a problem, find a kid to help you. A tour is helpful in Beijing- they can get you into the Forbidden City and to the Wall with a minimum of stress.


If you have the time, combine them in one visit. It's a long way to go twice and the air time takes away from your time there. Some people prefer tours. I prefer to see things on my own. Personally, I hate or would hate most or all tours.


i think Japan is safer to visit ,it is a democracy. Most of China is not free,only Taiwan as a semi-independent nation is a full Democracy