Why do i get so many stares as a male foreigner in tokyo japan, mainly from japanese girls?

are foreigners seen as bad?

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You wear your pants falling off ?


Do you? You couldn't swing a dead cat in Tokyo without hitting a foreigner, so unless you have some really unusual appearance or fashion choice, nobody could care less. But foreigners are not seen as bad at all. Tokyo people have a bad rep as being cold, but that's from a densely crowded urban environment. Japanese are generally quite welcoming to foreign visitors. I, and many others, could give you countless examples of some Japanese going WAY out of their way to help when you are lost or needed assistance. In other countries, tourists are taken advantage of and pay more than the locals. In Japan, it is usually the opposite.


Japanese heritage includes an aspect of Class. After it defeated Russia in a war Japan could not be dismissed as a fourth class nation. It choose to think of itself as first class world citizens up until 1945. Japan recognized a previously conquered Korea as second class citizens. All others, apart from its Axis partners in Europe. were third class. 1945 Peace Treaty terms eliminated the concept of first class for Japnese. That treaty expires in 2020. Japan is presently returning to a first class perspective and my reader can't cough-up the same. Would you prefer third class of 1944 or second class ?


Maybe because of your light features ( pale skin, light eyes and light hair ).


You look different so it’s eye catching? It’s probably neither good or bad. They might just be seeing if they find you attractive or not.


American men have the reputation of being nicer to women than Japanese men are. Also, a Japanese woman told me once that it's every Japanese woman's dream to have an American kitchen, as kitchens in Japanese homes tend to be small, dark and dirty.


they want your dick