Why do people leave their cars headlights on Auto?

like my co-worker on her Civic left it on auto and my manager left his 2017 Sierra on Auto both came in from the parking lot and I asked them why and they said "its on a lease so I do not care about the battery plus it looks cool" is that really smart? why can't they just turn it off? Also are they that dumb that they need the car to tell them the headlights need to be turned on? Maybe they shouldn't be driving?

Rick B

I leave them on auto because it is a nice feature. I never touch it. I never turn them on or off.


You are apparently so dumb that you don't understand what the "Auto" position does. It has nothing to do with battery usage. Why don't you educate yourself before asking such a stupid question.

A Hunch

They have the headlights on "auto". The lights will automatically turn off after a set period of time (usually between 15-60 seconds). This is not going to cause the battery to wear down. Most people use the "auto" feature for safety. I have never thought that the auto feature looks cool. It just is what is it...


Sounds like you're the dummy. The auto mode turns the headlights on at dusk so you don't forget to turn them on. It also allows you to set a timer for turning off the headlights so you can see where you're walking at night. They're just blowing you off because you probably always have dumb questions and are a pain to deal with.


Likely because if they get u at night and drive to bright daylight they won't forger to turn them off.


Using the lights won't ordinarily flatten the battery. An alternator is rated to deliver enough electricity to run lights, AC and a whole bunch of other electrical accessories before it has to dip in to the battery reserves. Batteries like being used hard as long as they get recharged back up. What kills batteries is being in a state of discharge - if you don't drive far enough to top up the battery power used to start the engine and run the electrics. People leave their lights to Auto so they don't have to worry about the lights. People are fundamentally lazy and stupid, and any feature that takes the necessity to think out of their hands is good by me.


I would worry more about the next hurricane.


Because the headlights turn OFF by themselves.


Yer full of ****, spam boy.


I agree with you. Cars have been made over 100 years without something like that. Maybe it is a status symbol with them? I think it is 1 more little thing to go wrong on a car. They need to keep a car plain & simple - no fancy gadgets that merely raise the price of the car.