Is polygamy legal in Australia?

In a recent question numerous Australians claimed that Muslims were taking multiple wives and signing up 20 children onto Centrelink. That didn't seem like it could be correct to me so I researched the laws in Australia. The Australian government says polygamy is illegal and they do not recognise foreign polygamous marriages. Even if someone marries 4 people abroad, Australia will not recognise them. If they try to register more than one marriage in Australia then they can go to prison for up to 5 years. I don't know whether to believe the Full Court of the Family Court of Australia, the Australian Attorney General and the High Court of Australia or Y!A users. The law in Australia says no one can receive extra social security payments for having multiple partners but the users on this site say the opposite. Who should I believe? We all know Y!A users would never ignore truth or facts in order to spurt a ridiculous narrative.

old timer

My ex was a Pharmacist, she used to work in a Muslim populated area, one man who never worked used to come in with different women and lots of kids to drop of negatives to get their holiday photos developed from their many many overseas trips. They all lived off welfare and when he paid for medication he'd pull out about half a dozen different pensioner welfare cards all in different names, she reported him and many more but nothing was ever done because these women claim to be single mothers, but he controlled the money, that was many years ago and it's getting worse.


There's nothing to fear, but fear itself...


some governments sucks up to Muslims for their votes seems .

Isaac Hunt

Of course polygamy is illegal. Listen again to Old Bludger . All too ready to sledge others for claiming " welfare " yet look at what he does. Makes up some silly story about the evil Muslim stealing his hard earned welfare. BTW are Mormons charged with bigamy in the US ?


You have to understand there's a difference between the ways laws are written and the way they're enforced. Yes, technically polygamy is illegal in Australia but like pretty much anywhere else it's ignored so long as you don't make a show out of it. Just up the road there's a Somalian man that's been unemployed for 25 years who lives in a housing commission house, has 3 wives and at least 10 children. They're the demographic future of Australia, not racially obsolete white people like me. Update: I know my and OT's answer seems ridiculous but it's the truth. If you try doing anything about it you're deemed to be a Neo-Nazi who has to be silenced by people like yourself.


One towel head with 3 or 4 different fat slags on Centerlink as single mothers 10 or 15 bastard children is happening in plenty of scumbag towns . Where I used to live there was a heap of them I couldn't stand the sight of them so I sold up and left.


What the law says isn't always what the law does.It has been widely reported that in several cases in the courts some Muslims coming here have multiple wives. it would not be tolerated if we tried it,believe you me.

Dole Bludger

There is law that applies to couples whether they are married or not. The first wife might not even be recognised by the government due to the wedding being an Islamic ceremony at a mosque.