Is saying "Happy Australia Day" an offensive term?

Mr Muir says white Australia is guilt ridden and fragile. Now is the time to break them it seems.

Aussie Devil

Only for people that vote for the Greens


aboriginals represent 0.1% of the Population so Happy Australia Day


thats rot!!!!!! i had a real happy day like MOST Aussies did

Isaac Hunt

Yes , along with It's OK to be White.

old timer

Australia Day is whatever you make of it, you can't change the past by changing the date and Mr Muir is talking through his beard, I've never heard of him. HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!!!


Nobody really cares. People call it whatever they want to call it and always will.


Ok so the aboriginals with the white relatives should also go back to England and along the way lets destroy every building and every road built hand it back the way Cook found it and ofcourse no army because China will march straight over once that happens

Bob the Heathen Serb

Nowadays it is even though I don't have a problem with it. I don't think I ever said it because it's doesn't really concern me. Usually the Bogans says it. Not sure what the others make of it.


I'm aboriginal and these dirty white inbreds should all go back to England where their convict white fool ugly heads belong

Dole Bludger

Yes it is. The first fleet left England 12,090 weeks ago today and our lives still have not improved by being transported to Australia.


Yes , along with It's OK to be White.


Yes, along with other white supremacist terms like 'it's OK to be white' and the display of white supremacist symbols like the Australian flag.