Can you travel freely through the Canada - USA border?


Jay P

Relatively freely. With a Canadian or US passport, enhanced driver's licence, or a Nexus card, you can travel between the 2 countries quite easily. If you are a citizen of another country, you may require a visa first to travel between the two nations. EDIT: This is assuming you don't have a criminal conviction in one of the countries. If you do, your international travelling becomes much more difficult.

Bubba Gubbins



With a passport you can.


you need to report to border agents with passport. it is not like the EU.


Almost freely with a US or Canadian passport.

L. E. Gant



You can if you have a pass port, or a special drivers license that allows you to cross the boarder. I've done so a few times when I went with my husband on business trips.


I can, and have.


If you have a passport, it is pretty easy. If you don't, you can only come in to Canada (from the USA, if you are American), but, you cannot go the other way without one.

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