Does British Columbia follow British laws or Canadian laws?

Im assuming its owned by Britain since its called British Columbia, there are British cars and there is British Colombia


BC joined Canada a very long time ago. It follows Canadian, and it's own BC laws.


I've never enjoyed a more diverse personal recreation area than British Columbia. My best friends there at present are all second generation out of Western India and Eastern Pakistan. My old Norse heritage arrived in English iron chain and was sold to a North America Dutch Colony. My B.C. interest is presently limestone speleology. Laws there are made by Canadian citizens. NAFTA ,and other commercial interests have say. There is a monument at the USA border that informs North/South viewers that they are CHILDREN OF A COMMON MOTHER. If reader cannot recall where your surname has been I suggest a paid DNA analysis.


I'm not following your "because it has the word British, it must be owned by Britain" logic. British cars aren't owned by Britain. My grandpa has a 1929 Rolls Royce. He's not Britain. He's not even British.


they follow Canadian rules and laws